Sira Consulting bestaat uit academisch opgeleide consultants met uiteenlopende achtergronden. Deze mix van expertisegebieden maakt dat wij onze opdrachtgevers optimaal kunnen bedienen en als strategische sparringpartner worden gezien voor diverse, complexe vraagstukken.

Joey van den Hurk

“I enjoy the interaction with stakeholders, especially in politically sensitive projects where we have to rely upon each other to achieve the best results. I focus on the larger strategic picture.”

Joey can best be described as a dedicated project leader with a comprehensive, empathic understanding of his clients’ needs. With great creativity he helps clients find solutions for their problems. He has a systemic mind-set and combines content-expertise with process-expertise.

For over ten years Joey has advised national and local governments on how to improve their service delivery to citizens, businesses and professionals.

Joey has practical experience with and in-depth knowledge of policy-making. He is an expert on policies relating to healthcare, work and income. Joey is an experienced and certified conflict-mediator. In addition, he is known for his charismatic presentation and facilitation skills.


Designing regulatory reform

Regulatory reform concerns the improvement of the quality of government regulation. Regulatory reform is about designing and evaluating policies and regulations transparently, with evidence, and backed up by the views of businesses, citizens and other stakeholders. Regulatory reform may cover all policy areas and aims for targeted regulation that goes no further than required, in order to achieve policy objectives and bring benefits at minimum cost.

Improving public services

Good service-delivery by local public authorities can reinforce economic growth. The Mark of Good Public Services (MGPS) allows local authorities to significantly improve their service-delivery to businesses.

We developed the MGPS in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and in co-creation with a dozen pilot-municipalities, the Dutch association of local authorities, and representatives of various business associations. The MGPS methodology has been implemented in well over 160 local authorities such as municipalities and provinces.

In-house trainings for public authorities

Our in-house trainings for public authorities are designed to teach you and your team how to best use available methodologies (such as SCM, CAR or MGPS), or how to conduct baseline measurements and RIA´s, or how to develop your project-management skills (such as planning, budgeting and stakeholder-management).