Sira Consulting bestaat uit academisch opgeleide consultants met uiteenlopende achtergronden. Deze mix van expertisegebieden maakt dat wij onze opdrachtgevers optimaal kunnen bedienen en als strategische sparringpartner worden gezien voor diverse, complexe vraagstukken.

Joland van der Heijden

“I will deliver the best solution in close cooperation with the client.”

Creative, involved and dedicated: Joland delivers maximum results that answer all of a client´s research questions. He has executed numerous projects in which the regulatory burden of national and international legislation was measured using the Standard Cost Model (SCM). In addition Joland has developed and implemented a range of other calculations models at Sira Consulting. An example is the CAR-methodology for reducing the regulatory burdens for specific economic sectors.

His specialties include spatial planning, environment and traffic. His key expertise is in the application of IT and national governmental databases in order to reduce regulatory burden.

Joland has been active in various European countries. For example, he taught and supervised a group of Irish government officials on how to apply the SCM in a baseline measurement for seven Irish departments.



In-house trainings for public authorities

Our in-house trainings for public authorities are designed to teach you and your team how to best use available methodologies (such as SCM, CAR or MGPS), or how to conduct baseline measurements and RIA´s, or how to develop your project-management skills (such as planning, budgeting and stakeholder-management).

Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA)

A Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) provides insight in the impact of newly proposed (or changes in existing) legislation on citizens and businesses. These impacts can be positive or negative. Examples are an increase of regulatory burden, the need for new investments, significant market effects/impacts, or other socio-economic and societal effects. An understanding of the effects of proposed legislation is crucial if you want to improve legislation and government processes.

The CAR Methodology – A business sector approach

Businesses incur costs complying with obligations laid out in various laws and regulations. To determine the extent in which all these regulatory costs impact on profits, we developed the CAR methodology. This methodology provides us with a clear and unambiguous insight into the impact of legislation on profitability and viability in a specific business sector. This insight enables a sector to bring specific regulatory pressures to the attention of government authorities.