Sira Consulting bestaat uit academisch opgeleide consultants met uiteenlopende achtergronden. Deze mix van expertisegebieden maakt dat wij onze opdrachtgevers optimaal kunnen bedienen en als strategische sparringpartner worden gezien voor diverse, complexe vraagstukken.

Patrick van der Poll

“What is my most important drive? Prevent unnecessary regulatory burden.”

Patrick is a content-driven project-leader who is able – even under time-pressure – to deliver good results. Since 2003 he works on research related to the (financial) effects of new or changed laws and regulations.

Patrick´s areas of expertise include the Environment Planning Act, Building regulations, and legislation pertaining to transport and hazardous substances. He regularly gives trainings to policy-makers and civil servants at home and abroad. These trainings enable them to independently measure regulatory burden with the integrated Standard Cost Model (SCM).


AB Baseline measurements

Laws and regulations are necessary, but regulating a society and an economy imposes costs on businesses and citizens. Nevertheless, business and citizens complain about Red Tape and all obligations to comply with government formalities. An AB baseline measurement provides governments with the necessary information to understand what these complains are about by quantifying the burdens and providing reduction measures.

In-house trainings for public authorities

Our in-house trainings for public authorities are designed to teach you and your team how to best use available methodologies (such as SCM, CAR or MGPS), or how to conduct baseline measurements and RIA´s, or how to develop your project-management skills (such as planning, budgeting and stakeholder-management).

The Standard Cost Model (SCM) – A national approach

Businesses and citizens spend annually time and money to comply with (information) obligations codified in rules and regulations. Sira Consulting provides you the tools and/or capacity to measure these regulatory burdens and to identify reduction measures. Indeed, with effective and efficient regulations we create space for innovation, economic growth and social participation. Besides these effects reducing regulatory burden also, cuts costs for governments, ensures transparency and reduces corruption.