Sira Consulting bestaat uit academisch opgeleide consultants met uiteenlopende achtergronden. Deze mix van expertisegebieden maakt dat wij onze opdrachtgevers optimaal kunnen bedienen en als strategische sparringpartner worden gezien voor diverse, complexe vraagstukken.

Peter Bex

“Reducing unnecessary regulatory burden and optimizing core processes. That is what I love doing, at home and abroad.”

Peter is a warm and charismatic personality. He is a project manager with a clear vision, outstanding knowledge and a good sense for governance and stakeholder management. Peter is the founder and director of Sira Consulting.

Peter has more than 15 years of experience with initiating, coordinating and implementing Regulatory Burden reduction programs. In close cooperation with the Dutch government he developed several supporting tools such as the Standard Cost Model (SCM), the Mark of Good Public Services (MGPS) and the CAR Methodology recently recommended by the European Union.

Peter has shared his expertise with a great many governments around the world. Him and his team have advised about setting up red tape reduction programs, have supported baseline measurements and have ensured knowledge transfer by in-depth and practical trainings.


Designing regulatory reform

Regulatory reform concerns the improvement of the quality of government regulation. Regulatory reform is about designing and evaluating policies and regulations transparently, with evidence, and backed up by the views of businesses, citizens and other stakeholders. Regulatory reform may cover all policy areas and aims for targeted regulation that goes no further than required, in order to achieve policy objectives and bring benefits at minimum cost.

The CAR Methodology – A business sector approach

Businesses incur costs complying with obligations laid out in various laws and regulations. To determine the extent in which all these regulatory costs impact on profits, we developed the CAR methodology. This methodology provides us with a clear and unambiguous insight into the impact of legislation on profitability and viability in a specific business sector. This insight enables a sector to bring specific regulatory pressures to the attention of government authorities.

The Standard Cost Model (SCM) – A national approach

Businesses and citizens spend annually time and money to comply with (information) obligations codified in rules and regulations. Sira Consulting provides you the tools and/or capacity to measure these regulatory burdens and to identify reduction measures. Indeed, with effective and efficient regulations we create space for innovation, economic growth and social participation. Besides these effects reducing regulatory burden also, cuts costs for governments, ensures transparency and reduces corruption.