Sira Consulting bestaat uit academisch opgeleide consultants met uiteenlopende achtergronden. Deze mix van expertisegebieden maakt dat wij onze opdrachtgevers optimaal kunnen bedienen en als strategische sparringpartner worden gezien voor diverse, complexe vraagstukken.

Rob Blank

“I love analyzing complex problems and then – in close collaboration with my clients – identify solutions.”

Rob is a dedicated and creative senior consultant, who can solve complex problems through analysis and successfully engage with a large number of stakeholders.

In the past ten years he has executed a variety of projects in which the regulatory burden of national and international legislation was measured using the Standard Cost Model (SCM). In addition, Rob advices (local) governments to improve their public services.

At Sira Consulting Rob accrued years of experience in executing Regulatory Impact Assessments (RIA´s) for new regulations. His specialties include the environment, biobased- and circular economy.


Improving public services

Good service-delivery by local public authorities can reinforce economic growth. The Mark of Good Public Services (MGPS) allows local authorities to significantly improve their service-delivery to businesses.

We developed the MGPS in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and in co-creation with a dozen pilot-municipalities, the Dutch association of local authorities, and representatives of various business associations. The MGPS methodology has been implemented in well over 160 local authorities such as municipalities and provinces.

Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA)

A Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) provides insight in the impact of newly proposed (or changes in existing) legislation on citizens and businesses. These impacts can be positive or negative. Examples are an increase of regulatory burden, the need for new investments, significant market effects/impacts, or other socio-economic and societal effects. An understanding of the effects of proposed legislation is crucial if you want to improve legislation and government processes.

The Standard Cost Model (SCM) – A national approach

Businesses and citizens spend annually time and money to comply with (information) obligations codified in rules and regulations. Sira Consulting provides you the tools and/or capacity to measure these regulatory burdens and to identify reduction measures. Indeed, with effective and efficient regulations we create space for innovation, economic growth and social participation. Besides these effects reducing regulatory burden also, cuts costs for governments, ensures transparency and reduces corruption.