Joey van den Hurk

“I enjoy the interaction with stakeholders, especially in politically sensitive projects where we have to rely upon each other to achieve the best results. I focus on the larger strategic picture.”

Joey can best be described as a dedicated project leader with a comprehensive, empathic understanding of his clients’ needs. With great creativity he helps clients find solutions for their problems. He has a systemic mind-set and combines content-expertise with process-expertise.

For over ten years Joey has advised national and local governments on how to improve their service delivery to citizens, businesses and professionals.

Joey has practical experience with and in-depth knowledge of policy-making. He is an expert on policies relating to healthcare, work and income. Joey is an experienced and certified conflict-mediator. In addition, he is known for his charismatic presentation and facilitation skills.

Michel Bloemheuvel

“I support governmental organizations with practical improvement measures to stimulate the ease of doing business”.

Professional, serious and dedicated: Michel is a constructive sparring partner who consistently achieves above average results for his clients.

Michel spent de last 10 years specializing in the reduction of red tape, process improvement and the improvement of public services. He has conducted a large number of impact assessments, baseline measurements and policy evaluations. He also played an important role in the development and implementation of methods to map the effects of public services and regulations. Examples are the Mark of Good Public Services (MGPS) and the local Impact Assessment.

Michel executes projects in a variety of countries around the world. For example, he helped develop and implement the Mark of Good Public Services (MGPS) by municipalities in South Africa, with the aim of realizing a healthy business climate, creating jobs and fostering the (local) economy.

Patrick van der Poll

“What is my most important drive? Prevent unnecessary regulatory burden.”

Patrick is a content-driven project-leader who is able – even under time-pressure – to deliver good results. Since 2003 he works on research related to the (financial) effects of new or changed laws and regulations.

Patrick´s areas of expertise include the Environment Planning Act, Building regulations, and legislation pertaining to transport and hazardous substances. He regularly gives trainings to policy-makers and civil servants at home and abroad. These trainings enable them to independently measure regulatory burden with the integrated Standard Cost Model (SCM).

Peter Bex

“Reducing unnecessary regulatory burden and optimizing core processes. That is what I love doing, at home and abroad.”

Peter is a warm and charismatic personality. He is a project manager with a clear vision, outstanding knowledge and a good sense for governance and stakeholder management. Peter is the founder and director of Sira Consulting.

Peter has more than 15 years of experience with initiating, coordinating and implementing Regulatory Burden reduction programs. In close cooperation with the Dutch government he developed several supporting tools such as the Standard Cost Model (SCM), the Mark of Good Public Services (MGPS) and the CAR Methodology recently recommended by the European Union.

Peter has shared his expertise with a great many governments around the world. Him and his team have advised about setting up red tape reduction programs, have supported baseline measurements and have ensured knowledge transfer by in-depth and practical trainings.